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Where to Put That Much Desired Extra Bedroom

If your family has expanded to the point where there are not enough bedrooms available and you are getting tired of having to tiptoe around somebody sleeping on the sofa, it is time to make arrangements for more sleeping space. Moving to a larger home may not be affordable to you or you may have grown fond of your home, so you may wish to stay where you are instead. In this case you might be thinking of how to expand your current home to provide the space you need which leaves the question: just where can an extra bedroom be built anyway?

Desired Extra Bedroom

The Loft

With a potentially large floor space to use and plenty of natural lighting a loft conversion is among the most popular choices for an extra bedroom. Because a loft conversion will be able to make use of pretty much the entire area of the footprint of the house, it can be the largest room in the house meaning that something quite special can be achieved. Spiral staircases could provide easy access while also adding a feature to the home to add some more character. If your loft is currently used for nothing more than storing Christmas decorations and old toys that are no longer played with, it could be the ideal candidate for a brand new bedroom.

The Garden Shed

While sleeping in a room full of pitch forks and bicycles may seem far from ideal, a shed or other building could make a great bedroom. With the right insulation you could have somewhere very cosy indeed and being detached from the main house could also add some extra privacy. If you don’t already have a shed or other building to use then why not look into having something built so you can get something exactly to your liking.

The Cellar

Many people are not even aware that they have a cellar at all in their homes as it has long been boarded up and forgotten about. Others may simply be using it to store their wine collection but most cellars seem to be doing little but acquiring dust and interesting fungi colonies. One advantage of converting a cellar into a bedroom is that because it is below ground it is well insulated against sound. With great sound insulation a cellar can be ideal as a bedroom where you can get away from a noisy household or a room to put noisy family members to keep the rest of the home peaceful.

If you need advice on where and how to build an extra bedroom it may be a good idea to seek professional advice from a company like

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