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Why Rent a Storage Unit?

Renting a storage space can be a solution to a number of problems including a too-small living space. It can be a short or long-term way to keep your possessions safe when you can’t keep them with you.

Choosing a Company

You’ll want to consider your specific needs when you begin to look at companies. Security, climate control, cost, method of payment and types of units are all variables. Some companies, for example, use portable units that can be dropped off at your house or even moved cross-country at a later date if necessary. The type of unit you’ll need will depend on the reasons you are renting a storage facility in the first place.

During a Trip or Short-Term Move

Something may be happening in your life that’s temporary such as a three-month backpacking trip round Europe, a short-term job opportunity in another location or a family emergency that requires you to act as caregiver for a time. A convenient solution at such times can be to lease or sublet your home and store your belongings. In a case like this, you’ll want to seek a place with good security and a climate-controlled environment.

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During Moves

A temporary unit can be useful as part of a permanent move as well. You may be moving to a new city where you don’t yet have housing lined up, or perhaps you’ll be renting for a while before buying a place. In these cases, renting a unit can be the most convenient option.

Store a Collection

Maybe you collect things. Whether it’s comic books or models or vintage dresses or anything else, you may have found your collection is threatening to take over your living space. This can be a particular problem if you have a partner who is less enamored of your collection than you are. A storage unit can help you keep your collection safe and out of the way. If your collection is something that you use fairly often, be sure you choose a unit with easy access so you can periodically rotate through your belongings.

Transition to Paring Down

On the other hand, temporary space can be helpful when you have things that you don’t want to keep but aren’t quite ready to get of. It’s an intermediate phase between throwing out or giving away items and having them in your living space. The trick here is to avoid letting the temporary solution drag on and on. Keep track of how much you’re spending to store things each month, and use this wasted money as motivation to move toward getting rid of the baggage entirely.

It’s a good idea to look into a few different companies, visit their premises and use word of mouth to see what people’s experiences with various businesses have been like. Social media can be useful for researching and getting feedback from previous customers. With a good idea of your needs, you’ll be able to choose the right company and keep your possessions safe.

Evelyn Payne, freelance writer and home owner, understands how crowded a home can feel sometimes, especially when planning for a big move! When she needs some temporary storage before a big move, she trusts Forest City Storage at 471 Third Street London, ON N5V 2C1 Canadaā€ˇ 519-455-6711. They offer a variety of storage solutions for car or RV storage, and even storage for moving boxes or clutter.

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